OPPO and Unity have reached a strategic cooperation

With the rapid development of the mobile game field, various works with high-definition and high-configuration requirements are also emerging, such as "Yuan Shen", "Honkai 3", "Honor of Kings" and "Call of Duty". A series of masterpieces such as "Mobile Games", "Tianya Mingyue Knife", "Pascal Contract" and "Devil May Cry-Battle of the Peak" were developed using Unity, and such as "Genshin Impact" even reduced to a mobile phone evaluation tool.

At the 5th China International Import Expo "Unity Metaverse Ecological Forum", OPPO announced a strategic cooperation with the global real-time 3D engine giant Unity. The two parties will focus on improving the quality and fluency of the game and creating more immersive games for users. Experience, but also provide developers with an efficient development environment.

OPPO integrated its self-developed ray tracing algorithm into the Unity game development engine to create a real light and shadow experience in the game. Its ray tracing algorithm can simulate the physical behavior of light and can display real-time dynamic shadows, surface reflection, glass body refraction, etc., which greatly improves the realistic rendering effect.

The technical cooperation between the two parties also involves the development of Adaptive Performance (ADP) plug-in technology, which can help third-party games dynamically adjust the picture quality parameters according to the current state of the mobile phone through the ADP plug-in, so as to reduce power consumption and improve the frame rate. Games can be quickly adapted with a small workload.

OPPO provides the Game SDK interface for the ADP plug-in, allowing developers to quickly obtain key information such as the temperature of the mobile phone and GPU rendering time, and provide GPU and CPU operating frequency level adjustment interfaces. It is said that when the game is full frame, the power consumption can be reduced by 8%, and the average frame rate can be increased by more than 5%.

On August 9 this year, Unity announced that it had reached an agreement with partners and established a joint venture "Unity China", Alibaba, China Mobile, Gigabit, Mihayou, OPPO, Jiadu Technology and Douyin The Group and others will participate in the investment in the joint venture, and the post-investment valuation of Unity China is US$1 billion.

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