OPPO Pad launches ColorOS 13 Android 13 system nolog version upgrade internal beta recruitment

OPPO Pad opened the Android 13×ColorOS 13 upgrade internal test nolog version recruitment. At the same time, OnePlus Ace Pro also opened the second round of recruitment for the ColorOS 13.0 upgrade public beta.

Recruitment models:

  • OPPO Pad
  • OPPO Pad Artist Limited Set

The recruitment time for the internal test log version is November 21 (today), and it is expected to be reviewed in batches within 5 working days after the end of the recruitment, and the version will be reviewed within 3 working days after the completion of the review. Push in batches.

It should be noted that ColorOS officially stated that in the new upgraded internal test, the internal test version will be divided into log version and nolog version. The recruiting version for this closed beta is the log version. Both versions are internal beta versions, and their running effect is not as stable as the official version, and there are some bugs.

Among them, the log version will always turn on the log capture switch by default, which will have a certain impact on the performance and battery life of the mobile phone. log refers to the system log, which is usually the fault information that occurs and is recorded during the use of the system or software. An effective log can record the whole process of operation and the corresponding information of the system.

The current version has the following known issues:

  • After switching between horizontal and vertical screens, the vertical screen interface of some third-party applications is not fully displayed
  • Some third-party applications have probabilistic black screen/splash screen problems
  • Caton phenomenon exists in some scenes
  • Probabilistic right sideslip and unable to return

Users who apply for the internal test log version need to ensure that the tablet has been upgraded to the basic version A.14, A.15, and A.16. The version number can be viewed through "Settings - About This Machine - Version Information - Version Number".

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