Pentax KP J Limited camera custom handle will be sold separately

In 2019, Pentax launched the KP J Limited camera centennial model to celebrate its 100th anniversary, the special feature is that it uses a handle made of walnut wood.

The Pentax KP J Limited camera has been discontinued in February 2021, but according to Nokishita’s manager, Pentax will soon launch this handle separately, with navy blue and brown versions, and a single price of 25229 yen, the two-color suit is priced at 46422 yen.

This wooden handle is made of North American walnut wood, with 9 layers of coating, and is co-produced by the famous car steering wheel manufacturer Miroku Technowood. However, the centennial model previously launched has red and black handles. It seems that the separately sold version will have new colors, which is worthy of being a paint factory.

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