Raytheon Borui FX2 domestic server released

Raytheon launched a new Borui FX2 server, equipped with Zhaoxin's new generation Kaisheng KH-40000 series server processor. Borui FX2 is a high-performance 2U general-purpose rack server developed by Raytheon based on the latest Zhaoxin Kaisheng KH-40000 series server processors. It is equipped with 2-way KH-40000/16 processors, and the machine has 32 CPU cores. The base frequency is 2.2GHz, which supports DDR4 3200 RDIMM memory with a maximum capacity of 1TB.

Kaisheng KH-40000/16 processor is based on Zhaoxin's new self-developed "Yongfeng" kernel micro-architecture. The processor supports 4-channel DDR4 memory and 64-way PCIe 3.0 and supports the newly upgraded multi-way interconnection ZPI 3.0 technology.

According to the official statement, the Raytheon Borui FX2 server widely supports various server operating systems, as well as domestic databases, and middleware, and is compatible with various software and hardware. It can help users quickly build a localized computing platform required for business and achieve rapid and smooth migration.


  • 2 Kaisheng KH-40000/16 processors, 2.2GHz, maximum operating frequency 2.7GHz
  • 8×16GB DDR4 3200MT/s RDIMM, maximum support 1TB
  • Standard 480GB SSD+3×4TB 3.5-inch HDD
  • Support 12×(3.5/2.5 inches) + 2×(2.5 inches) + 2× built-in M.2 SATA hard disk expansion
  • Support RAID 0/1/5/10 disk array
  • Provide 8×PCIe 3.0 expansion slots + 1×OCP 3.0 expansion slot
  • Support IPMI management, onboard AST2500 BMC chip
  • Passed the national compulsory CCC certification, energy-saving certification

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