Red Hat plans to change the BIOS / Fake RAID method in Fedora 38

Red Hat's engineering team stated that during the Fedora 38 development cycle, it will change the BIOS RAID "fake RAID" support method for Fedora. The Fedora installer currently uses DMRAID via the Blivet repository to support BIOS RAID arrays, while Red Hat plans to use MDADM instead.

This is because DMRAID is no longer actively maintained, and the Red Hat team hopes to switch to MDADM so that Fedora can reduce one dependency during installation (currently MDADM is used for software RAID support), and can drop the systemd activation service for DMRAID.

There are downsides to switching to MDADM, however. Before the RAID Disk Data Format was standardized, MDADM did not support all BIOS RAID types. The engineers at Red Hat don't know how many people are still relying on legacy BIOS RAID arrays that MDADM doesn't support. The Red Hat team has not yet announced a contingency plan or alternative for Fedora but would like to hear from users before making the switch.

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