Redmi Pad system update MIUI 13.1.3 stable version released

According to Redmi mobile phone marketing manager Zhang Yu, the Xiaomi Redmi Pad tablet PC ushered in the MIUI Pad stable version update, with a size of 192MB, which brings the perfect adaptation of Xiaomi Mi Miaoxiang.

The specific updates are:
  • Add a new mobile phone and tablet to log in to the same Xiaomi account, and you can automatically connect and experience the seamless flow of applications and data
  • Added audio streaming, and tablet music streaming to speakers and TV
  • Added screen flow, the mobile phone screen is controlled on the tablet
  • Add application flow, continue to use mobile applications on the tablet through the tablet taskbar
  • Added photo transfer, photos taken by mobile phones are automatically transferred to the tablet for display
  • Added hotspot circulation, supporting the one-click connection of the tablet to the mobile phone hotspot
  • Added support for clipboard interoperability, copy on either end of the phone or tablet and paste directly on the other end
Xiaomi Mi Miaoxiang Center is a new feature launched in MIUI 13, which can realize global device interconnection, support audio, and video relay, application flow, and global broadcast control.

In order to use the function of Xiaomi Mixiang Center, the mobile phone needs to install the MIUI 13 system, which supports the Xiaomi Pad 5, and Redmi Pad, as well as a variety of Xiaomi computers, Xiaomi TVs, and other products. For specific functions and supported models, see previous reports.

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