Runhe Software HiHopeOS smart city software distribution is compatible with open source OpenHarmony

According to the release of OpenHarmony, recently, Runhe Software HiHopeOS software distribution for the smart city field passed the OpenAtom OpenHarmony ("OpenHarmony") 3.1 Release version compatibility evaluation. Based on the capabilities of the OpenHarmony system, this software release will have the opportunity to inspire more new products and livelihood-supporting projects that can promote the level of urban comprehensive management and social security.

Establishing an urban lifeline project monitoring system and realizing the controllable and preventable safety risks of urban gas, major bridges, and another infrastructure is one of the goals of urban safety risk management and control; many major cities across the country have also proposed to promote new information infrastructure in relevant plans Construction, promote the construction of multi-functional smart poles, and deploy sophisticated and sensitive sensing terminals for large buildings, underground pipelines, and other places.

OpenHarmony, as a new-generation operating system for the Internet of Things era, will become an important technological promoter to improve the quality and excellence of urban people's livelihood. For example, in terms of public safety, digital integration in major urban security fields such as gas, waterlogging, bridges, and water supply has been realized; in terms of infrastructure Urban intelligence can be promoted through the deployment of equipment in specific scenarios such as smart street lights, integrated pipe corridors, smart fire protection, smart parking, and smart meters.

HiHopeOS of Runhe Software is developed based on the OpenHarmony 3.1 Release version for the smart city field. It integrates the IoT protocol, and supports the development of functions such as batch pre-registration of devices by accessing the IoT platform; it supports the "device + mobile phone" super Terminal mode development, through quick networking and pairing of mobile phones, device status can be visualized, rapid commissioning and diagnosis; local devices can be discovered and controlled through soft bus, including mutual discovery and identification between devices, the near-end pairing of various types of sensors, information Ability development such as linkage processing; integrated security authentication, key management, and various applications, adapted to a variety of development boards in the OpenHarmony community, can quickly support the application of OpenHarmony capabilities in the field of smart cities, and promote the construction of urban informatization.

Runhe Software cooperates with a number of manufacturers to focus on urban gas monitoring scenarios, jointly promote the large-scale application and deployment of sensing terminals such as smart meters in the gas supply system, create urban solutions based on OpenHarmony and support the expansion of urban sensing projects. At present, the project has entered the commercial preparation stage, and the GTY-CXF point-type combustible gas detector developed by Hanwei Technology has passed the compatibility evaluation of the OpenHarmony 3.1 Release version. 

This type of detector is embedded with the Neptune series HH-SLNPT501 module, which supports Bluetooth, 4G / 5G, and other communication methods, and is widely used in restaurants, shopping malls, underground integrated pipe corridors, and other commercial and industrial scenarios. It is worth mentioning that the HH-SLNPT501 module has also passed the OpenHarmony 3.1 Release version compatibility evaluation. This module supports the OpenHarmony lightweight system, supports dual-mode transmission, and is cost-effective. In addition, the smart operation and maintenance app used in this project is also provided by Runhe Software. Based on the HiHopeOS release version V1.0 for the smart city field, the app can control device networking, business operation and near-end linkage, support device inspection and rapid Positioning to realize equipment diagnosis and twinning effect.

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