Samsung and Amazon form Matter smart home partnership

Recently, the smart home standard Matter 1.0, which aims to push the concept of IoT device interoperability to a new height, has been released. Samsung has now announced a partnership with Amazon that will allow SmartThings and Alexa users to use Matter's multi-admin capabilities and expand communication and functionality across devices.

The purpose of this partnership is to simplify the setup process for Matter devices through SmartThings and Alexa. Samsung said the partnership builds on the Commissionable Endpoints API, as well as the upcoming Alexa API, which enables Matter's multi-admin setup and thread credential sharing .

Samsung SmartThings head and corporate vice president said, SmartThings customers have long enjoyed using Alexa voice capabilities to give them even more ways to control their home. We're excited to partner with Amazon to help simplify the smart home experience for mutual customers. Provide more choices about the types of devices and services they use in their homes.

Essentially, in terms of end users, this partnership will allow opt-in customers to use SmartThings and Alexa to control Matter hardware without having to set up smart home devices on each platform. Samsung SmartThings and Google Home have been integrated before, this time involving Amazon and Alexa.

In October this year, the Connectivity Standards Alliance and its members, including Apple, Google, Amazon, Samsung and other smart home manufacturers, announced the launch of the Matter 1.0 smart home accessories standard.

The first release of Matter supports a variety of commonly used smart home product categories, including lighting electrical, HVAC controls, curtains, curtains, security sensors, door locks, video players, inter-protocol bridges, and controls that can be embedded in many different kinds of products end.

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