Samsung applies for Superfast ultra-fast mobile power trademark

Samsung has submitted documents for the Samsung Superfast Portable Power trademark, which may indicate that a new portable charging product for smartphones and other devices is coming.

The trademark filing for Samsung's super-fast power bank was filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office last week. Classified, this trademarked term can be used for "battery chargers for mobile devices and battery packs for mobile devices.

Trademarks are usually intended to cover a wide range of possible uses, thus keeping the company's options open in terms of product launches. For that particular term, it's clear that Samsung probably wanted to use it for a power bank or charger.

Perhaps the Superfast here is a sign that Samsung is about to embrace faster charging. The company's mobile phones still have a maximum charging speed of 45W, but Chinese competitors have already applied 100W fast charging to more phones.

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