Samsung Display Considering Expanding QD-OLED Panel Production

Executives of market research institutions revealed that Samsung Display, which has increased the yield rate of large-size QD-OLED panels to 85% in the summer, is considering expanding the production capacity of QD-OLED panels. In order to be able to obtain the panel orders required by Apple Display .

Executives at the market research firm said Samsung Display is considering investing in the production of QD-OLED panels in their newly planned factory, which may be called the A5.

The executive of the market research firm also said that Samsung Display's A5 factory will use 8.6-generation substrates to produce panels, mainly targeting 27-inch displays, and Apple is their planned main customer.

Panels required for displays: Executives from market research institutions revealed that Samsung initially considered developing OLED panels with the red, green, and blue tandem method, but then decided to produce more profitable QD-OLED panels for the display market.

QD-OLED panels with 8.6-generation substrates, foreign media said that Samsung Display and LG Display are also developing technologies related to the production of OLED panels with 8-generation substrates. The larger size, the main target is tablets, laptops and monitors and other products.

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