Samsung Display successfully invalidated LG Display's OLED patent in South Korea

SFC, a joint venture between Samsung Display and Japanese chemical company Hodogaya, has successfully invalidated a patent related to deuterium used in OLEDs in South Korea. The patent, jointly owned by LG Display and Material Science, was invalidated in a June ruling by the Intellectual Property Trial and Appeal Board. SFC had petitioned the committee in January to cancel the patent, titled 2,277,303, which deals with organic field-effect transmitters.

The patent involves deuterium (one of the two stable isotopes of hydrogen, also known as heavy hydrogen, with the chemical symbol D or ²H, deuterium gas is a colorless, odorless, flammable gas at room temperature, with an abundance of 0.015% on the earth ), is a material used to increase the lifetime of OLED devices.

LG Display said late last year that it plans to apply deuterium technology to all of its large OLED panels starting this year. The company even has an "OLED.EX" brand for OLED panels that are 30 percent brighter thanks to the use of deuterium.

However, a patent from the 2277303 families, called 2136806, is still registered, which is also related to deuterium. The owners of the patent are also LG Display and Material Science, and it was registered back in July 2020.

LG Display has applied for patent 2277303 which was canceled in Korea in the US and China. 

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