Samsung Galaxy A54 5G National Bank passed 3C certification

Samsung mid-range smartphones are usually released two months after certification. For example, the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G obtained 3C certification in January 2022 and was released in March. The Samsung Galaxy A54 5G National Bank Edition has now obtained 3C certification. As such, the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G (and likely the Galaxy A74 5G) could be officially announced in January 2023, two months before the previous model. This is one of the very few Galaxy A-series devices sold in the Chinese market.

The certification database shows that the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G device has a model number SM-A5460 and supports 25W fast charging. The device is pre-installed with the Android 13 system and supports updates to up to 4 major versions of the Android operating system (until Android 17).

The Samsung Galaxy A54 5G will use lower camera pixels than the Galaxy A53 5G. There will be a 50-megapixel main camera and the depth sensor will be removed. 

Battery: The Galaxy A54 will get a 100mAh boost compared to the Galaxy A53 5G, with a 5100mAh battery.

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