Samsung Galaxy S22 vs Google Pixel 7 camera SamMobile comparison

SamMobile recently released a new video comparing the camera shooting capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Google Pixel 7. In this video, the camera performance of the two flagship phones is compared in depth, including the comparison of photos in different scenes such as day and night, as well as the comparison of selfie photos and videos.

The Galaxy S22 offers a dedicated 3x optical zoom camera, so it has an inherent advantage in the telephoto shooting. The Pixel 7 uses digital zoom, so it can't compare with the S22 in terms of zoom capabilities. As a result, the Galaxy S22 can take photos with a blurrier background in portrait mode than the Pixel 7.

Although the Pixel 7 camera tends towards more natural colors and skin tones, in some cases, the S22's algorithm may be better. In most situations, the Galaxy S22 seems to capture more detail and has better focus.

These differences between Google's and Samsung's approaches to phone photography are also evident in leaked Galaxy S23 sample photos. Therefore, this trend will continue in 2023.

If there's one clear advantage the Pixel 7 has over the Galaxy S22, it's probably in terms of shooting 4K video with the rear camera, mainly because Google's phone can seamlessly capture 4K when users switch between wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle lenses experience.

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