Samsung Lee Jae-yong is expected to meet with ASML CEO this week

Lee Jae-Yong, who was promoted to the executive chairman of Samsung Electronics at the end of last month, is expected to meet again this week with Peter Wennink, CEO of lithography machine manufacturer ASML. 

People familiar with the matter reported that Lee Jae-Yong and Peter Wernick are expected to meet again, and their expected meeting time is Wednesday.

People familiar with the matter expect Li Jae-Yong and Peter Winick to meet again because ASML's semiconductor cluster in Hwaseong, South Korea will start construction on Wednesday, and Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix are important customers of ASML. Peter Vinick attended the groundbreaking ceremony and will most likely meet with the executives of the two companies.

Hwaseong is about 40 kilometers south of Seoul. ASML Hwaseong Semiconductor Cluster, including manufacturing plants and training centers, invested 240 billion won, or about 181 million U.S. dollars, covering an area of ​​16,000 square meters.

If Lee Jae-Yong and ASML CEO Peter Winick really meet on Wednesday as foreign media reported, it will be the second meeting between the two this year. During his European business trip in June this year, Lee Jae-Yong visited the ASML headquarters in Feldhofen, the Netherlands, and met with CEO Peter Vinick and CTO Martin van den Brink. Waiting for a meeting with several ASML executives.

If Peter Vinick visits South Korea again this week, it will be his second visit to South Korea this year. In April this year, he visited South Korea to discuss cooperation with related manufacturers.

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