Samsung sells 400,000 Galaxy Xcover 6 Pro phones

Samsung has found new business customers for its rugged Galaxy mobile devices. Samsung announced today that Samsung France has been selected as a partner in a consortium co-sponsored by Airbus and Capgemini. As a result of this partnership, Samsung said it will work closely with Airbus to equip around 400,000 employees with Galaxy durable devices.

The Galaxy durable devices described include the Galaxy Xcover 6 Pro smartphone and the Galaxy Tab Active 3 tablet. Released this year, the Xcover 6 Pro is one of the easiest phones to repair in the world. The Galaxy Tab Active 3, on the other hand, is a bit older and debuts in 2020. Presumably, Airbus chose the Tab Active 3 over the newer Tab Active 4 Pro tablet to save costs.

Selling 400,000 mobile devices at once is quite an achievement. Small smartphone makers have a hard time hitting that number in the consumer market, however, Samsung has just sold nearly half a million durable devices through this new commercial partnership. This could inspire Samsung to continue designing new durable devices in the future.

We would like to thank Airbus for choosing Samsung as a trusted partner for this critical project. The innovation, quality, and durability of our rugged mobile devices are all Airbus selection criteria.

The Samsung Galaxy Xcover 6 Pro and Galaxy Tab Active 3 have an IP68 dust and water resistance rating and meet the MIL-STD-810H standard. They're highly repairable, and both devices support removable batteries, which allow business users to hot-swap batteries and keep their mobile devices running without wasting time on long charges.

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