Shanling EC3 HD CD player price announced

The Shanling EC3 HD CD player will be launched on November 11. The official announced today that the price of the machine is 3398 yuan, and it will be officially released at 20:00 on November 10.

According to the official introduction, structurally, the Shanling EC3 adopts a disc-pressed disc compartment design. Compared with the out-of-storage design used in general CD players, the disc-press type not only has higher convenience, but also minimizes the instability and distortion of the disc compartment due to mechanical vibration, and enhances the ability to correct errors and read discs. The EC3 is also equipped with a high-strength dark-tempered glass disc cover to minimize vibration and external light interference that may cause disc reading.

CD reading: Shanling EC3 adopts the configuration of Philips CD80 servo system + Sanyo HD850 optical head. This configuration has been applied and verified on many CD players and has stronger stability and reliability. Strong ability to make mistakes. Shanling EC3 also uses ES9219C DAC for decoding.

Shanling EC3 supports a total of 3 digital input methods: CD, Bluetooth, and U disk playback. In addition to supporting CD playback, you can use the USB port on the front panel of EC3 to use USB to play files in U disk or hard disk, up to PCM384 / DSD256; in addition, you can also use a Bluetooth connection to listen to your mobile phone more conveniently, tablets, PCs, and more.

Output: Shanling EC3 has digital output and analog output. EC3 supports optical output, coaxial output, up to 192kHz / 32bit, and can be easily connected to other HiFi devices in the user's home, such as decoders, etc.

Analog output: Shanling EC3 has RCA output and headphone output. RCA supports Line Out line output, which can be connected to power amplifiers and active speakers with volume control; in addition, the front panel of EC3 is also equipped with a 3.5mm headphone jack, making EC3 incarnate As a CD all-in-one, so it can directly drive the headphones without complicated connections.

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