Shengmei Shanghai enters the coating/developing track market

Shengmei Semiconductor Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. ("Shengmei Shanghai") is a company that provides wafer technology for semiconductor front-end and advanced wafer-level packaging applications Solution provider, successfully launched gumming and developing Track equipment, the company officially entered the gumming and developing Track market, after the company enhanced its expertise in the fields of cleaning, gumming and developing.

Shengmei Shanghai developed the first encapsulation gluer and developer in 2013 and delivered it to the customer in 2014. Shengmei Shanghai will deliver the first ArF process adhesive development Track equipment to Chinese domestic customers in a few weeks and will launch the i-line model equipment in 2023. In addition, the company has started work on the development of the KrF model equipment.

Equipment Highlights

Shengmei Shanghai Coating and Development Track equipment is a piece of equipment used in the 300mm wafer process, which can provide uniform downflow, high-speed and stable robot processing, and a powerful software system to meet the specific needs of customers. The multi-function equipment can reduce product defect rate, increase production capacity and save total cost of ownership (COO). The offset development Track equipment will support various lithography processes including i-line, KrF, and ArF systems.

The gluing and development track equipment supports the lithography process, which ensures that the process requirements are met, and at the same time optimizes the gluing and development steps before and after the wafer is exposed to the lithography equipment. The equipment is specially designed for 300mm wafers and has 4 loading ports suitable for 12-inch wafers, 8 gluing chambers, and 8 developing chambers. The chamber temperature of the equipment can be precisely controlled at 23°C ±0.1°C, the baking range is from 50°C to 250°C, and the wafer breakage rate is less than 1/50,000. In addition, the new structural design protected by the global patent application can also be expanded to support 12 gluing chambers and 12 developing chambers, and the production capacity of wafers per hour can reach 300 wafers. Under the same conditions, a production capacity of more than 400 pieces per hour can be achieved.

Shengmei Shanghai focuses on the advanced integrated circuit manufacturing and advanced wafer-level packaging manufacturing industries, and develops, produces and sells critical single-chip wafer and bath wet cleaning equipment, electroplating equipment, stress-free polishing equipment and vertical furnace tubes Equipment, and provide customized, high-performance, low-consumption process solutions to semiconductor manufacturers to improve the production efficiency and product yield of customers in multiple steps.

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