Shenzhen Kaihong Cat4 intelligent development kit is compatible with Hongmeng OpenHarmony

 According to the release of OpenHarmony, recently, Shenzhen Kaihong Cat4 intelligent development kit passed the OpenAtom OpenHarmony ("OpenHarmony") compatibility evaluation and obtained the OpenHarmony ecological product compatibility certificate.

At present, 18 products of Shenzhen Kaihong have passed the OpenHarmony compatibility evaluation, including 4 software distributions, 7 development boards, 2 commercial equipment products, and 5 commercial equipment products launched by joint partners.

Based on relevant software and hardware technical experience and R&D capabilities in the field of financial technology, Shenzhen Kaihong has launched a high-performance Cat4 intelligent development kit based on OpenHarmony embedded KaihongOS. The development kit is adapted to the 8541E chip, uses a high-performance 1.4 GHz quad-core Arm Cortex-A53 central processing unit, supports Cat4 high-speed 4G full Netcom, has the advantages of high performance, low power consumption, and a powerful ISP, and can support The large-screen display provides a wealth of peripheral interfaces to meet the application needs of various scenarios, and can be applied to payment POS machines, smart watches, smart car rearview mirrors, smart voice recorders, and other products.

Shenzhen Kaihong Cat4 intelligent development kit is equipped with the high-security Trustzone's TEE security solution, based on memory isolation technology to create a trusted execution environment isolated from the general OS, providing a protected isolation environment for user confidential data and applications, and system security for POS payments, data security, comprehensive protection of application security.

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