SK hynix's Yongin semiconductor cluster water supply problem solved

In the chip production process, in addition to a large number of high-tech equipment and high-tech personnel, a stable power supply is required to ensure the operation of the factory, and a large number of pure water cleaning machines are also required. And materials, which means that a large amount of ordinary water is needed, purified and then used in many links. A reliable water source is also crucial to the production of chips.

Water sources: South Korea's second-largest memory chip manufacturer has encountered challenges. They plan to build a semiconductor cluster in Yongin City, South Korea, and encountered problems with the water supply.

SK Hynix has previously announced their decision to invest 120 trillion won to build a semiconductor industry cluster in Yongin City and plans to draw 265,000 tons of water from the Namhan River near Yeoju City for the production of the factory.

In order to promote the construction of the factory, SK Hynix also asked Yeoju City to approve their construction of an industrial water plant in May 2021, but due to the failure to reach an agreement with Yeoju City, the relevant procedures were also postponed.

SK hynix and Yeoju failed to reach an agreement on pumping water and building an industrial water plant because Yeoju believed that the water plant near the industrial park and SK Hynix's semiconductor cluster in Yongin brought a lot of trouble to local residents. Inconvenience, Yeoju City also believes that many measures for water resource protection have hindered the development of the city, and Yeoju City asked SK hynix to solve the related inconvenience and promote the development of the local economy.

The latest reports from foreign media show that the water supply problem of SK Hynix's Yongin semiconductor cluster was finally resolved on Monday local time. South Korea's Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, SK Hynix, Yeoju City, and other relevant parties have reached an agreement. South Korea has relaxed some restrictions and expanded sewage treatment facilities in Yeoju City. Yeoju City also agreed to SK Hynix pumping water.

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