SK Signet will build an electric vehicle charging pile factory in the United States

Samsung, LG, and other conglomerates, SK, the second largest conglomerate in South Korea, is also involved in many businesses. In the wave of developing electric vehicles, they also established SK Signet by acquiring Signet, into the electric vehicle charging business.

SK Signet announced on its official website on Wednesday that it will build an electric vehicle charging pile factory in Plano, Texas, USA.

Judging from the news announced on the official website of SK Signet, the electric vehicle charging pile factory they built in Texas covers an area of ​​136,200 square feet, or about 12,700 square meters. It is expected to be fully operational in July next year, with an annual output of more than 10,000 fast-charging piles planned to create 183 jobs by 2026.

The factory in Plano, Texas, is SK Signet's first charging pile factory in the United States. It will provide the first batch of ultra-fast charging piles and power cabinets produced in the United States, with a power of more than 350kW.

In addition to building a factory in Texas to produce charging piles, SK Signet is actually supplying charging piles needed for electric vehicle charging to the United States. They disclosed on their official website that they have supplied more than 2,500 fast-charging piles to the United States.

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