Solidigm 192-layer QLC flash memory exposed

Tom's Hardware obtained some PPTs from Solidigm, the information shows that Solidigm plans to launch 30 TB and 61 TB enterprise-class SSDs based on 192-layer QLC technology.

The SSD capacity range of the Solidigm Essential Endurance series is 3.84, 7.68, 15.36, and 30.72 TB, and the capacity of the Value Endurance series will reach 7.68, 15.36, 30.72, and 61.44 TB.

Performance: The 4K random write speed of Solidigm’s fourth-generation QLC (7.68TB as an example) can already reach 113k IOPS, which is 24% higher than that of the “K brand” competing TLC model, and is 6 times faster than the “S brand” QLC competitor. times; 4K random write latency is as low as 0.563ms, which is better than competing TLC and QLC models.

Solidigm was established after SK Hynix acquired Intel's flash memory and SSD business unit. The fourth-generation 192-layer 3D QLC flash memory exposed this time will be used in the new generation of SSD products of the Solidigm brand.

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