Sony releases new TOUGH series SD card

According to Sony's official news, Sony's new SF-G series TOUGH memory card SF-G256T was officially released, 256GB priced at 3299 yuan. The card is a 256 GB capacity UHS-II V90 SD card with a write speed of up to 299 MB/s and a read speed of up to 300 MB/s.

According to officials, Sony TOUGH memory cards are durable, efficient, and safe. The large-capacity high-speed card can give full play to the high-quality image recording advantages of Sony cameras and meet the fast-paced creative needs of today's photo photographers and video creators.

The card has excellent bending strength, 18 times higher than the SD standard; a unique design with no bezel, and no write-protect switch; high level of waterproof (IPX8) and dustproof (IP6X); 5 meters High altitude drop test.

Sony TOUGH memory card SF-G256T is now available on Sony's official website and the time to market has not yet been announced.

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