Sources say Samsung Electronics will set up an internal semiconductor research organization

Samsung Electronics will establish a new global research organization under the DS business unit in December this year. The global research organization is expected to analyze the semiconductor market and other related industries, and explore new markets, and will be led by a vice president. Due to the disruption of the global supply chain and the shortage of semiconductors, Samsung felt the need to establish an independent internal semiconductor research organization; in addition, the growing distrust of external market research institutions was also one of the reasons.

Currently, the Samsung Group has several research institutes, including the Samsung Research Center operated by Samsung Electronics to study advanced technologies, the Samsung Securities Research Center, and the Samsung Global Research Center. However, these research institutes focus on different fields, but none of them conduct in-depth analyses of the semiconductor industry.

According to Samsung Electronics, the memory industry is facing a sharp decline in demand and excess inventory due to weakening global purchasing power after a sharp increase in U.S. interest rates, and accordingly, global chipmakers are reducing production and capital expenditures.

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