Supply chain says Apple's iPhone will use Samsung's NAND flash chips

Apple will turn to Samsung to purchase NAND flash memory chips used in the iPhone. Supply chain sources cited in the report said that due to some restrictions, Apple will use Samsung Electronics as an alternative supplier starting in 2023. This suggests that they will be used in the iPhone 15 series, but it is also possible that Apple will introduce them to the production of the iPhone 14 series.

Samsung, long a major supplier of DRAM chips for iPhones, will begin supplying NAND flash memory for iOS devices next year from its factory in Xi'an, China, which currently contributes 40 percent of the Samsung supplier's total 3D NAND flash capacity percentage, the number of layers varies from 128 to 176 layers.

Unlike its competitors, Samsung has not implemented production cuts in response to sluggish NAND flash market demand, which may be partly due to its entry into Apple's supply chain. In addition, Samsung is believed to be able to afford cuts in quotations and increased production, which will further strengthen its competitiveness.

Samsung has been supplying components for the iPhone. For example, Samsung made early processors for the iPhone and iPad, RAM memory for various Apple models over the past 20 years, and screen panels for the iPhone 14 Pro. Samsung was an early supplier of flash memory for the original iPhone but was replaced around 2011 or 2012 by South Korea's SK Hynix, the company Apple has been sourcing flash memory for more than 20 years.

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