TCL CSOT releases a variety of in-vehicle display products

TCL CSOT recently made an appearance at Electronica Munich, Germany, the top biennial event in the global electronics industry, and announced a variety of automotive central control screen products.

Switchable active anti-peeping 13.3-inch co-pilot screen

TCL CSOT launched the first 13.3-inch switchable privacy screen with independent intellectual property rights. The screen adopts a double-cell structure design with a collimated backlight, and the viewing angle switching unit is placed between the display screen and the backlight to realize the flexible switching between the anti-peeping state and the sharing state. While ensuring the safety of the driver, it can also share the co-pilot pleasure.

Innovative human-computer interaction 15.9-inch special-shaped central control screen

TCL CSOT launched a 15.9-inch special-shaped central control screen to create an innovative human-computer interaction experience. The screen can have a built-in camera and be equipped with a DMS driver monitoring system to ensure driving safety. In addition, the screen has a 3K high-definition resolution and a brightness of more than 1000nit; it is equipped with a direct-lit Mini LED backlight, which can realize zoned light control and reduce product energy consumption while ensuring the driver's visual experience.

Safer driving system 12.3-inch dual screen

TCL CSOT has further developed a  12.3-inch dual screen focusing on safety. The left instrument panel of this dual-screen adopts the CUP under-screen camera technology, which can hide the sensor and prevent the impact of diffraction on IR imaging to ensure the imaging quality.

This 12.3-inch CUP dual screen integrates the DMS driver monitoring system. Through camera image data recognition, it can realize four major functions: distracted driving detection, fatigue driving detection, eye tracking, and face recognition. The fatigue and distraction status of the driver is judged at a frequency of 200ms/time, and feedback and reminders are given on the screen and the car-machine system to ensure driving safety.

Super-sized 47.5-inch all-in-one car curved screen

TCL Huaxing’s 47.5-inch all-in-one car curved screen is a car display that traverses the entire curved surface of the A-pillar. The screen is about 1.4 meters long and adopts a completely seamless ultra-thin integrated design that traverses the entire A-pillar. The entertainment and display functions are integrated to create an immersive and futuristic surround experience.

In addition, this screen adopts NTSC 110% ultra-high color gamut display technology, equipped with 8K resolution and AM-Mini LED backlight technology, bringing a million ultra-high contrast. According to the displayed content, the intelligent algorithm can individually adjust the brightness of LEDs in each area, thereby achieving energy-saving effects.

Super-sized high-definition dual screen 12.3 inches + 35.6 inches Pillar-to-Pillar car display

This is a through-type large screen composed of a 12.3-inch high-definition instrument screen and a 35.6-inch 6K high-definition central control large screen. This screen adopts a completely penetrating design, which breaks through the display gap between the three screens of the instrument, central control, and co-pilot, and fully connects the 12.3-inch screen and the 35.6-inch screen as a whole, allowing the co-pilot to participate more In the interaction of the whole vehicle, it can even further complete tasks that traditional drivers need to be distracted, such as navigation settings and driving assistance settings, so as to better ensure driving safety. This super-sized dual screen is equipped with 260-zone and 1440-zone Mini LED backlights respectively, bringing ultra-high contrast and more delicate display images to drivers and passengers.

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