Tesla launched 4680 battery with higher energy density

Tesla, which launched the 4680 battery with higher energy density, higher output power, and lower cost at the 2020 Battery Day event, is preparing to provide this battery next year. Standard battery life for the Model Y with all-wheel drive.

Tesla is preparing to provide a 4680 battery version of the all-wheel-drive Model Y next year based on the EPA adding Tesla’s 2023 Model Y model certification to the data.

Judging from foreign media reports, there are 3 models of Model Y newly approved by the EPA. In addition to the all-wheel drive long-range version and the high-performance version currently sold in the U.S. market, there is also a new all-wheel-drive version.

EPA documents show that Tesla submitted applications for three Model Y models on September 30 and was approved on October 19, but did not disclose the specific battery life rating of the newly added Model Y.

Tesla built a batch of all-wheel-drive standard range Model Y in the newly put-into-production Texas Gigafactory in April this year, with a range of 279 miles, but only for employees, there is news Said to be equipped with the long-awaited 4680 battery.

For the all-wheel drive standard battery life version to obtain the EPA's license, foreign media said this may suggest that Tesla is preparing to deliver more than 4680 battery versions of the Model Y, which needs to be evaluated by the EPA before delivery to customers.

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