The 2023 vivo image plus mobile phone photography competition is launched

According to Vivo news, the 2023 Vivo image plus mobile phone photography competition will start today. Together with Vivo's global imaging strategic partner Zeiss, it will collect works from Vivo mobile phone users around the world.

This year's competition specially invited five imaging masters and experts from different fields at home and abroad: Zeiss photography expert Bertram Hoenlinger, Zeiss mobile photography ambassador Francesco Gola, photography artist and curator Rong Rong, portrait photographer Xiao Quan, Vivo Yu Meng, vice president of video.

Rhis competition has newly upgraded the track portrait, group photo, landscape, night scene, sports, and event six submission units, encouraging creators to use more Rich perspectives to capture different life moments and explore the multiple possibilities of mobile phones as a shooting tool. It is worth mentioning that, for the first time, the competition set up a special session - X90 Millennium Image, advocating creators to combine mobile phone mobile images with traditional Chinese literature and restore ancient Chinese poems and songs in images.

Award setting: This competition will select 1 unit champion and 2 unit winners in the six submission units, and will select 1 (group) work from the 6 unit champions to win the "Best of the Year" award. work". In addition, this year's competition also added a "Zeiss Professional Video Award" and an X90 Series Best Video Award".

Contestants can also submit contributions through the " One-Click Submission Video Contest " function on the photo-sharing page in the Vivo photo album, the special page of the competition in vivo photography, and Vivo short video.

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