The cost of sodium-ion batteries is expected to be more than 20% lower

According to interface reports, today at the sodium-ion battery industry chain and standard development forum, Chen Liquan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that the current sodium-ion battery is still in the promotion period. With the improvement of the industrial chain, technology is mature. The cost of sodium-ion batteries is expected to be more than 20% lower than that of lithium-iron phosphate batteries, which creates favorable conditions for the large-scale promotion of sodium-ion batteries.

Academician Chen Liquan mentioned that lithium batteries are currently the best secondary batteries, but due to limited lithium resources, they cannot meet the needs of electric vehicles and electric energy storage at the same time. Sodium-ion batteries will definitely become the next generation of low-speed electric vehicles and energy storage batteries.

A previous research report by Guotai Junan pointed out that Sodium battery materials have a significant cost advantage, which is about 1/3 lower than that of lithium iron phosphate batteries. In response to this conclusion, Wu Hui, president of the China Battery Industry Research Institute, questioned and publicly stated that the cost of sodium batteries is not lower than that of lithium batteries at present, and the industrialization of sodium batteries will be developed after 2025. Wu Hui also admitted that with the development of industrialization and large-scale production of sodium batteries, it may be cheaper than lithium batteries in the future. After all, sodium is cheaper than lithium. However, in view of the current securities companies' suggestion that sodium batteries have a cost advantage over lithium batteries, Wu Hui believes that this can only be seen after real industrialization.

In the third quarterly report conference call on October 21, Ningde Times confirmed again that the plan to realize the industrialization of sodium batteries in 2023 remains unchanged. In addition, Funeng Technology and Duofuoduo said that the mass production of sodium battery products is imminent, and companies such as Midland New Materials are also increasing the layout of sodium batteries.

Many industry experts believe that sodium batteries are unlikely to be mass-produced next year. They predict that the industrialization process of sodium batteries will take at least two years or even three to five years.

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