The first time-sensitive network (TSN) standard in China was officially released

According to the release of the Industrial Internet Industry Alliance, recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued Announcement No. 23 of 2022, approving the release of the industry standard YD/T 4134-2022 "Industrial Internet Time-sensitive network requirements and Scenes". This standard is the first time-sensitive network (TSN) technical standard in China, which marks a solid step in the construction of my country's TSN technical standard system and is of great significance to the construction of an industrial Internet network standard system.

The "Industrial Internet Time-Sensitive Network Requirements and Scenarios" standard describes the overall characteristics, overall requirements, and industrial Internet application scenarios of TSN, and sorts out key technical requirements according to the application scenarios, which can be applied to TSN network planning, design, and application scenarios. optimize. This standard can provide guidance for the overall network planning of industrial enterprises, and has guiding significance for the in-depth implementation of TSN technology and the digital transformation and upgrading of service enterprises.

This standard is provided by China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, University of Science and Technology of China, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Industrial Internet Innovation Center (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Goertek Co., Ltd., Xinte Energy Co., Ltd., Beijing Dongtu Technology Co., Ltd., It was jointly formulated by Shaanxi Fast Gear Co., Ltd., Beijing Jiaotong University, Benxi Iron and Steel (Group) Information Automation Co., Ltd. and other units.

In the next step, the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology will also cooperate with the industry to promote the development of a series of standards for TSN equipment, interworking, and management, and provide strong support for the development of TSN equipment, the implementation of solutions, and the integration and application of new technologies, and promote the innovation and development of industrial Internet network technology.

The time-sensitive network (TSN) is a new industrial communication technology that the international industry is actively promoting. Time-sensitive networks allow periodic and aperiodic data to be transmitted in the same network, giving standard Ethernet the advantages of deterministic transmission, and through vendor-independent standardization processes, it has become a key technology that is widely focused. At present, organizations such as IEEE and IEC are formulating the underlying interoperability standards and specifications for TSN-based industrial application networks.

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