The hidden camera of the smart lift table of Lego Company was interviewed

Recently, there were media reports that the Lego Smart Lifting Desk sold by Lego Ergonomic Technology Co., Ltd. was exposed to having a camera hidden, but it did not clearly remind consumers.

On November 4, the Yinzhou District Market Supervision Bureau of Ningbo City responded that the bureau had conducted an on-site inspection of the Lege factory and had an administrative interview with the company, requesting the company to explain and communicate the doubts of consumers immediately. If a consumer requests a return or exchange, a customer service specialist should be arranged to do a good job in service.

Consumer Ms. Tang purchased the Lego A9 intelligent lift table produced by Lego Ergonomics Technology Co., Ltd. and found that there was an unnecessary function "hidden" in the digital screen of the product. The camera is considered a hidden danger.

Lege's official Weibo responded that the camera is set up to realize an innovative function called "contactless heart rate detection", which detects the tiny beating of the blood vessels in the face by scanning the face, and then measures the heart rate by filtering the noise through an algorithm. . However, this function is temporarily closed, and the camera is idle. Subsequently, the relevant person in charge of Lege responded through social platforms, reaffirming the technological innovation of smart screens, promising that it would not spy on user privacy, and immediately removing the products involved.

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