The international standard for RF connectors formulated by CETC Bengbu 40 was released

According to China Electronics Technology Group Co., Ltd. (CETC), recently, three international standards led by and participated in the formulation of CETC 40 were officially released. Among them, the relevant standards for radio frequency connectors fill the blank of the International Electrotechnical Commission standard.

This standard provides a standardized basis for the quality, reliability, and safety of radio frequency connectors promotes the unification of power test methods for radio frequency connectors and provides strong support for the development of overall testing technology for radio frequency connectors. It is of great significance to expand the international market for the international competitiveness of RF connectors.

At the same time, 40 participated in the formulation of relevant international standards for radio frequency connectors and coaxial communication cables, which effectively improved product performance indicators, reduced defects and flaws in the cable production process, and created favorable conditions for China's products of this type to expand into the international market.

The 40th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (referred to as 40), also known as the Bengbu Connector Relay Research Institute, is a professional connector relay research institute for China's national defense technology industry system. It was established in Shaanxi in 1968. Feng County moved to Bengbu, Anhui Province in 1982, and reorganized in 1984. Authorized and approved by the state, the 40th Institute has undertaken professional institutions such as the "Information Industry Connector Relay Quality Supervision and Inspection Center", and has served in the Components Branch of the Chinese Institute of Electronics, the National Standardization Technical Committee for High-frequency Cables and Connectors for Electronic Equipment, and the China Electronic Components Industry. Play an important role in authoritative organizations in this field such as the Relay Branch of the Association.

The 40th Institute is mainly engaged in the development and mass production of electromechanical components such as connectors, relays, automobiles, and photovoltaic electronics. It has a professional technology and R&D team, advanced product design, process research, production and manufacturing conditions, and complete equipment research and production Qualifications and safety, confidentiality, and quality assurance systems have completed more than 700 scientific research achievements, and more than 80 have won provincial and ministerial science and technology awards. Products have been widely used in aviation, aerospace, ships, weapons, electronics, and other fields, and have guaranteed major national projects such as manned spaceflight, lunar exploration, and Beidou, and have made important contributions to the development of my country's national defense technology and information industry.

In recent years, 40 institutes have presided over and participated in the formulation and revision of 6 international standards, and have continuously contributed to improving the technical standards and industrial influence of China's information and communication electronic equipment industry in the world.

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