The lithography giant ASML will build a new factory in Taiwan

ASML, a Dutch semiconductor equipment manufacturer, has been investing frequently in Asia recently, setting up factories in Taiwan and South Korea. Korean media BusinessKorea and others pointed out that ASML's investment in Taiwan will be five times that of South Korea.

ASML has decided to build a maintenance and engineering training center in South Korea. If additional production plants or R&D centers are built, the two sides will be able to work together to cope with the restructuring of the global semiconductor supply chain. ASML also said it would consider increasing investment.

There is news that ASML will make the largest investment in history in Taiwan. Next year, it will spend NT$30 billion to build production and R&D facilities in New Taipei City, Taiwan.

ASML has allocated approximately US$180 million (approximately RMB 1.282 billion) to build a maintenance and engineering training center in Hwaseong, South Korea. Hwaseong is the semiconductor production base of Samsung Electronics. After the completion of the ASML facility, Samsung Electronics, and SK Hynix can reduce their dependence on imported parts from the Netherlands, and have the manpower to maintain wafer production equipment locally.

ASML is the only manufacturer of extreme ultraviolet light (EUV) equipment in the world, and both Korean players want to strengthen their cooperation with ASML in order to face fierce competition with TSMC.

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