The new Sony PS5 will be released next year

Since the launch of the Sony Playstation 5, players have been discussing the hope of a lighter and thinner version. According to sources from the Leak, the Sony Playstation 5 will get a smaller redesign next year, but it may not be called the PS5 Slim .

Sony has been gradually reducing the size and weight of its PlayStation 5 console, but the overall case design limits room for further shrinking and lightening.

And the Leak's sources claim that the new Playstation 5, due out next year, has undergone a major change in appearance, with a new ultra-thin version that downsizes the console's mold, uses less voltage, and therefore runs cooler and also more lightweight.

 Sony is also working on not needing a stand when the console is laid flat, a change that may indicate that the new Playstation 5 will abandon the current streamlined design. The company focused on reducing the size and weight of the Playstation 5 to reduce shipping and production costs.

The Leak claims that the new Sony PlayStation 5 will launch as early as the third quarter of 2023, with production scheduled for the second quarter of 2023.

Tom Henderson, a reliable whistleblower in the gaming industry,  previously reported that Sony is also developing a new PlayStation 5 game console with a detachable optical drive, which is expected to start production in April 2023 and launch in September 2023. The time seems to be just right.

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