The official tool of Smart Tool for TiPlus7100 SSD is released

YMTC recently released a new consumer-grade solid-state drive product - the TiPlus7100. The product adopts the new generation of TLC flash memory particles of Yangtze Memory based on the Xtacking 3.0 architecture of the crystal stack, and the first 1TB is 649 yuan.

Zhitai has now launched ZHITAI Smart Tool for TiPlus7100, which is software that displays disk information and can read the disk information, SMART information, and system information of the Zhitai disk in the computer.

Smart Tool functions are as follows:

Scan Disk: Click the 🔁 button to summarize the conditioned disks in the computer to the scan result, and the disk information will be displayed in the form of a drop-down box.

Select the conditioned disk in the list. After activation, the corresponding information will be refreshed on the Drive Information Tab page below, including health level, temperature, and disk details.

The TiPlus7100 Smart Tool can also display disk SMART information.

The tool can also erase SSD, click Sanitize Drive to securely erase the disk, and after successful erasing, click OK.

The TiPlus7100 SSD is equipped with a new generation of TLC flash memory particles from YMTC, with a single chip interface speed of up to  2400MT/s, which is 50% faster than the previous generation; it adopts a no-slack design scheme, and four-channel reading The speed is as high as 7000MB/s; the HMB mechanism is adopted, and the cache-free design can also bring efficient operation, and the SLC Cache intelligent cache is configured; 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB versions are available.

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