Tianma's vehicle-mounted intelligent DMS display is released

According to Tianma Microelectronics, the design team of Tianma combined the DMS system with the vehicle-mounted display to create a large-size vehicle-mounted smart display integrated with DMS functions.

Intelligent and safe driving of automobiles: DMS (Driver Monitoring System) can monitor the driver's driving behavior in real-time and give corresponding warning prompts, such as fatigue monitoring, distraction monitoring, dangerous driving monitoring, and so on. Its working principle is to monitor the details of the driver's head, eyes, face, hands, and other details through the infrared camera facing the driver, track its movement trajectory, and use the collected data to identify and judge through AI algorithms, and finally Obtain the evaluation results and make warning prompts on the interactive platform (such as display screen promotion, sound effect prompts, seat belt tightening...etc.).

At present, the DMS cameras on the market are installed separately in front of the center console or instrument panel, or integrated into the steering wheel. This can detect the driver's facial information at the best angle, but for the whole vehicle, the addition of these cameras increases the complexity of the electronic system architecture in the cockpit, which to a certain extent leads to an increase in vehicle manufacturing costs. At the same time, the abrupt camera design also destroys the design aesthetics of the cockpit and brings users a "sense of invasion" exposed to the camera.

Tianma's large-size high-definition intelligent DMS vehicle-mounted display uses the SOC built-in chip equipped with Tianma's original algorithm, which can not only recognize the driver's face and track the eye movement trajectory but also recognize the driver's behavior through deep learning, such as closing eyes, yawning, abnormal head position, calling, smoking, not in the monitoring area and other six behaviors that affect driving safety, and display the corresponding red warning information on the screen to ensure Drive safely.

Tianma DMS car smart display realizes information collection through a built-in 940nm near-infrared camera. Different from conventional cameras, near-infrared cameras can actively emit infrared rays when shooting, and then use imaging elements to receive infrared light reflected by the surrounding environment to form images, which can effectively avoid adverse effects caused by insufficient lighting, even in cloudy days, even in environments with weak light conditions at night, accurate visual recognition can be performed, including when the user wears sunglasses.

This screen can also be used with Tianma's self-developed 3D gesture algorithm to realize specific functions through the system's recognition of gestures.

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