Tongxin UOS V20 E Education Edition won the bid for the genuine office operating system

According to official news from Tongxin UOS, recently, Tongxin Software Technology Co.Ltd. With the successful experience accumulated in the field of educational innovation, excellent service, and product capabilities, and a strong software and hardware ecosystem, Tongxin Desktop Operating System Education Edition was affirmed and recognized by the bid evaluation committee and successfully won the bid.

Hebei Medical University will adopt the Tongxin desktop operating system education solution and use the Tongxin desktop operating system education version ( Tongxin UOS V20 E ).

Tongxin UOS V20 E is an operating system specially tailored to the special needs of the education sector and colleges at all levels, as well as the deep customization of the software and hardware ecology. According to the official introduction, Tongxin UOS V20 E is green, safe, convenient, and efficient, and can help teachers improve office efficiency and ensure information security.

Ecology: Tongxin UOS V20 E is equipped with a large number of domestic mainstream office software, including document processing, efficiency tools, graphic editing/design, video processing, mailboxes, instant messaging, cloud notes, network disks, browsers, translation, Antivirus...etc. to meet the daily office use requirements of teachers.

Teaching ecology: Tongxin UOS V20 E is also adapted to a large number of commonly used teaching software, which can cover multiple teaching application scenarios such as interactive teaching, smart classroom, teaching preparation...etc., which not only meets the needs of colleges and universities at all levels to replace domestic operating systems It also ensures the smooth development of school teaching and educational affairs.

Tongxin UOS V20 E can also meet the teaching scenarios of audio-visual education and training room and also adapt to a large number of training teaching software, including computer room management, information technology teaching, and examination system. Benefiting from the characteristics of green, safe and convenient colleges, and universities, it can ensure that there are no advertisement pop-ups in the teaching process, and there is no Trojan virus in the installation software, providing green and safe experiments and teaching conditions for all college users.

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