Toshiba A4 desktop MFP 300D series completes domestic operating system adaptation

Toshiba MFP officially announced that Toshiba MFP e-STUDIO300D / 301DN / 302DNF is now compatible with Chinese operating systems, and has successively achieved smooth integration with Tongxin UOS, Galaxy Kirin, and Fangde desktop operating systems butt.

Toshiba's A4 desktop composite machine has previously started the technical research and adaptation work for the docking of domestic operating systems in advance, and finally successfully completed the adaptation.

Tongxin UOS certification
Galaxy Kylin certification

Zhongke Fangde Certification

In addition, all series of Toshiba MFPs have obtained the certification of Zhongke Fangde, which indicates that Toshiba MFPs have been successfully connected with Fangde's desktop operating systems (Haiguang version, Zhaoxin version, and AMD64 version).

In order to meet the needs of customers and to obtain various domestic operating system drivers more conveniently, Toshiba has made corresponding updates. Users can go to the official website to download related print drivers and scan drivers.

In July this year, Toshiba’s second-generation security smart multifunction machine completed the integration with the UOS Tongxin software (Godson 3A3000, 3A4000, Haiguang 3000 series, Kunpeng 920, Feiteng FT-2000, Feitengrui D2000, etc.) operating system Compatibility testing to achieve system docking.

The test results show that Toshiba's second-generation security intelligent multifunction machine and the related operating system of UOS Tongxin software can meet the general compatibility requirements, achieve high performance, safety and stability, and meet the needs of various industries for domestic operating systems and operation and maintenance management.

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