Toyota developed a nap seat using automotive technology with its own screen

Japanese auto giant Toyota recently launched a crossover product, using their experience in car seats to develop a prototype nap seat called TOTONE. The chair can help people to take a nap for 15 to 30 minutes and increase productivity through short breaks, aiming to solve the challenge faced by Japanese society, that is, the mental fatigue of employees after working for a long time.

The TOTONE chair is ergonomically designed with a tunnel-like screen 30-35 cm away from the eyes. A screen next to the nap seat allows users to choose the duration of the nap and adjust other parameters to their liking. When the user is ready, the TOTONE will help the user fall asleep by shaking gently.

Toyota says its nap seats will improve nap quality by taking into account various factors such as posture, temperature, noise, lighting, and more.

The TOTONE nap seat incorporates technology perfected through automotive manufacturing. For example, TOTONE incorporates control technology used in car seats with massage functions and also borrows technology from the automotive industry to improve sitting comfort and seat temperature.

This nap seat prototype is the result of a collaboration between Toyota's advanced design and development team and Toyota Boshoku, the seat manufacturer of the Toyota Group. Toyota officials said that the production version of the seat could be publicly released as early as next year.

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