Transsion’s high-end brand Tecno launched the Eagle Eye mobile phone lens with a dual prism design

Tecno, a high-end mobile phone brand of Transsion, recently demonstrated a new smartphone camera technology - Eagle Eye Lens. Tecno said that this technology is the first to implement a dual-prism telephoto camera on a mobile phone camera. The advantage is that it can automatically track objects when shooting.

Tecno said that the two prisms can work independently during the actual shooting process, one of which can move from +/- degrees, while the other can move from +/-10 degrees. When both prisms are used, it is possible to track objects +/- 16 degrees on one axis and +/- 20 degrees in the other axis.

The dual prism design can bring a better optical image stabilization effect, making photos and videos less camera shake. This stabilization and tracking make the system ideal for sporting events, where objects or people are moving quickly and photographers need to be able to track them accurately, Tecno said.

Tecno says the technology will be available in flagship models by 2023. It's just not clear whether Tecno will license the technology to other manufacturers or deploy it on other types of equipment.

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