Treadmill performance roller coaster multi-brand revenue and profits have doubled

After a short period of growth, today's home treadmill market, such as Impulse, Qiaoshan, Shuhua, and other leading brands, have experienced a double decline in revenue and profit. That former fitness artifact has long since become everyone's living room hanger. Once upon a time, for the purpose of fitness or weight loss, you bought a treadmill with great blood and money, but after using it for two months, you gradually abandoned it in the corner, allowing the dust to cover up the accumulation of materials, and finally, the treadmill was covered. 

In the recent poll for ash-eating products initiated by Sina Technology, among eight electronic products including handheld games, VR helmets, and treadmills, treadmills ranked first in the user's ash-eating list. On the major online platforms, among various inventories of ash-eating products, treadmills have repeatedly topped the list. Under the epidemic, with the improvement of consumers' health awareness and restrictions on going out, the home marathon has become a new trend. However, according to the financial reports of fitness companies such as Impulse and Shuhua Sports, the company's profits and net profits have also begun to decline in the past six months. Among them, the decline in sales of home fitness equipment, including treadmills, was the main reason mentioned.

Why can't the treadmill, which is frequently on the top of the list, get rid of the fate of eating ashes? Behind the decline in sales, how should treadmill companies seek breakthroughs?

In August 2020, Zhou Rui bought a home treadmill from the Internet for the purpose of fitness and weight loss and planned to run at home to lose weight. However, after only using the treadmill more than 20 times, he moved it to the corner of the room.

Zhou Rui believes that there are two main disadvantages of treadmills not being suitable for home use: the first is the noise, which often affects the rest of this roommates and neighbors; the second is the dust when running, which often makes him feel uncomfortable. In his opinion, running should still go to a gym or outdoors with a larger space, at least the air is smooth, and there is no need to worry about disturbing others.

Today, this treadmill has become a drying rack for hanging clothes and socks, and it has long been unrelated to fitness.

Li Lin is another home treadmill owner. He bluntly said that a treadmill costing nearly 2,000 yuan was only sold for 200 yuan when it was sold second-hand. The reason why he doesn't run on a treadmill is that he injures his knees. Li Lin's experience is not an exception. Many people report that when running on a treadmill, it is easy to cause injuries to the knees.

In this regard, Cao Guanglei, deputy director of the Department of Orthopedics of Xuanwu Hospital of Capital Medical University, analyzed that, Running on a treadmill actually has potential risks, because the speed of the treadmill is basically set at a constant speed. After running to a certain extent, the footsteps become heavy. At this time, the body will naturally decelerate, but if you are on a treadmill because the continuous speed is set, it is difficult for the body to adapt. Once the steps become heavy, the control of the muscles will decrease, which may cause the muscles to fail. Stabilize the joint and cause joint damage.

In addition, since the speed control of the treadmill is passively transmitted to the human body by the machine conveyor belt, the running speed and posture are not easy to control. If the running posture and stride length on the treadmill is not correct, it will also magnify the impact force when landing on the bones and muscles. joint damage.

For some patients with knee problems, it is not recommended to run on a treadmill. If you need to exercise on a treadmill, it is recommended to warm up at first, and walk at a certain low speed first, so that the body gradually warms up and the muscles can adapt. Then gradually increase the speed at a speed that you can adapt to, once you feel that your legs are a little tired, you should slowly reduce the speed." Cao Guanglei suggested.

On the Internet, a large number of negative voices are also reflecting consumers' attitudes toward treadmills.

In May last year, Peloton, a smart fitness brand known as Netflix in the fitness industry suffered a treadmill casualty crisis due to the company's Tread treadmill, causing more than 70 users to suffer injuries such as fractures and cuts. A 6-year-old died after being swept under a Peloton treadmill while it was running.

On the domestic side, Yijian treadmills, which have the highest sales volume on platforms such as Taobao and Tmall, have long been known for their cost-effectiveness, but because they intend to use treadmill running to compare with outdoor running in brand marketing, it shows that treadmill running is more efficient than outdoor running. It is safe and labor-saving, but the result has been criticized by netizens.

The treadmill is relatively a relatively niche product. Except for use in professional training and fitness venues, the frequency and probability of use in home scenarios are not particularly high. said Liang Zhenpeng, an analyst in the home appliance industry. In his opinion, for most consumers who have difficulty persevering in running downstairs, if they want to buy a treadmill to achieve fitness and lose weight, there will still be a few who can persevere.

Since the new crown epidemic, news of running in gyms across the country has frequently jumped into the public eye. Data shows that in 2020, the closing rate of commercial gyms in China reached 14.61%. According to the 2022 China Fitness Industry Report, in 2021, there will be a net decrease of 1,454 comprehensive gyms compared with 2020, with a negative growth rate of 6.2%.

The closure and disappearance of a large number of gyms have given the public the idea of ​​exercising at home. For a while, home marathons and running in the living room became hot spots, which also brought market growth to fitness equipment such as home treadmills. However, after a year of growth in 2020, today's home treadmill market is not as good as it used to be.

According to the announcement of Impulse's financial report, due to the impact of the epidemic, the company's home fitness equipment will grow geometrically in 2020, and in 2021, the company's home fitness equipment market, including treadmills, will experience a saturation step down. According to the company's newly announced financial report data, between January and June 2022, the company's revenue and net profit both experienced a year-on-year decline. In addition, Qiaoshan and Shuhua, which are among the top ten brands in the treadmill market, also experienced a decline in revenue and net profit in the company's recent financial report.

Under the epidemic, although the concept of home fitness has begun to take root in the hearts of the people, the market for home treadmills has not ushered in a big outbreak, and companies in this industry have not enjoyed the dividends of home marathons.

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