TrendForce: The penetration rate of OLED mobile phones is increasing year by year

TrendForce released a report today saying that with the gradual increase of OLED panels in mobile phone applications, it is expected that the penetration rate of mobile phones using OLED panels will be about 47.7% in 2022 and will reach 50.8% by 2023, and it is expected to exceed 60% in 2026 .

The report pointed out that driven by the launch of Apple's new iPhone 12 series in 2020 and the start of using OLED panels, other mobile phone brands have begun to expand the introduction of OLED panels in high-end models. At present, only the SE series of Apple mobile phones still stay on LCD panels, and the main series of mobile phones have adopted OLED panels; more than half of the OLED panels of Samsung mobile phones are used; Xiaomi, OPPO, and Vivo mobile phones have 3-4 complete models using OLED panels. Under Transsion's strategy of focusing on low-cost mobile phones in the African market, the import proportion of OLED panels is relatively low, and other brands plan to expand their adoption.

TrendForce predicts that the sales of folding mobile phones using OLED panels will be about 12.8 million in 2022, with a penetration rate of about 1.1% . Under the trend of major brands regularly launching upgraded new models every year, it is estimated that the sales volume of folding mobile phones will reach 18.5 million units in 2023, with a penetration rate of about 1.5% . In addition, the report said that OLED panels are expected to continue to gradually improve in mobile phone applications in 2023.

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