TSMC will produce 5nm Zen 4 Genoa processors for AMD

TSMC will produce 5nm process Zen 4 architecture Genoa processors for AMD. According to people familiar with the matter, TSMC's 5-nanometer capacity utilization rate remained fully loaded in the fourth quarter and is expected to decline slightly in the first half of next year, but it will remain above 90%.

AMD has announced that it will unveil the fourth-generation EPYC (Xiaolong) server CPU code-named Genoa at 10:00 a.m. Pacific time on November 10.

In the third quarter, TSMC's 5-nanometer revenue accounted for 28%, ranking as the largest source of revenue. Some people in the industry have assessed that TSMC's 5nm capacity utilization rate in the fourth quarter is still at full load. Although the capacity utilization rate in the first and second quarters of next year is slightly lowered, it still remains at more than 90%. As for the second half of next year, it will return to full load.

TSMC pointed out in a recent legal meeting that the destocking of consumer chips has caused TSMC's 7-nanometer and 6-nanometer utilization rates to begin to decline significantly, but TSMC is still optimistic about the continued increase in demand for the 5-nanometer process in the fourth quarter, which will balance the weakening end market demand. And the impact of customers' continued inventory adjustments, TSMC's fourth-quarter results was flat with the previous quarter.

AMD's RDNA 3 architecture graphics card released last week is the world's first chiplet design GPU, GCD and MCD combine 5nm and 6nm process, providing up to 54% performance per watt improvement over the previous generation RDNA 2 architecture.

In order to reduce the negative impact of weak demand for consumer electronics products on operations, AMD's product strategy in the next 2-3 years will focus on the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and high-performance computing (HPC), and expand in 5G infrastructure, automotive Electronics, aerospace defense, industrial and medical, data centers and other market layouts, and TSMC will be the most important partner.

AMD will officially announce the launch of the Zen 4 architecture Genoa processor this week, which will be shipped to major OEMs by the end of the year. Next year, it will launch Bergamo for native cloud computing, Genoa-X for technology and database computing, as well as edge terminals and telecom. The infrastructure Siena and other processors use TSMC's 5nm or 4nm process.

AMD also plans to launch the data center acceleration processor MI300 for AI computing, equipped with Zen 4 and RDNA 3 cores and is expected to use TSMC 5nm for mass production next year.

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