TSMC's 1nm factory will land in Longtan

Shen Rongjin, vice president of the Executive Yuan of Taiwan, said that TSMC's new 1-nanometer plant will land in Longtan, Taoyuan.

TSMC’s headquarters is in Hsinchu Science Park. If you really want to deploy Taiwan’s advanced semiconductor manufacturing process in advance, Longtan Science Park is the ideal place nearby. It will bring tens of thousands of job opportunities to Taoyuan, which in turn will drive the whole area of ​​Taoyuan. economic development.

With the launch of the third phase of the Longtan Science Park, the industry has reported that TSMC will build a production base for processes below 2nm in the Longtan Science Park under the Hsinchu Science Park. TSMC does not rule out this. any possibility.

Shen Rongjin said that in the future, TSMC's 1nm factory will be located in Longtan, starting from Longtan, Taoyuan in the north, passing through Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung. This will completely connect the entire semiconductor ecology, allowing Taixi to have a complete semiconductor technology corridor. The 1nm factory will bring tens of thousands of employment opportunities for engineers with an annual salary of one million in Longtan.

Shen Rongjin also mentioned that Tainan Shanhua was originally a rural place. After TSMC entered, the local "Liantanli" became the richest village in Tainan (meaning a village). The average annual income of residents can reach NT$1.68 million. The monthly population growth exceeds 1%, and this is the youngest and highest birth rate in Tainan. Therefore, the 1nm plant stationed in Longtan will definitely bring prosperous economic development to the area.

TSMC previously stated that the 3nm process will be mass-produced in the fourth quarter, and will increase revenue by about a mid-single-digit percentage (about 4% to 6%) next year; the development progress of the upgraded version of N3E technology is slower than planned. In advance, it is expected to be mass-produced in the second half of next year.

According to public information, the Longtan Park base under the Zhuke Branch currently employs about 7,000 people, with an overall annual turnover of more than NT$50 billion. The projects it enters are mainly integrated circuits, optoelectronics, and biotechnology industries. Currently, there are TSMC, Hejing Technology, Apple Branch and other industries have settled in.

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