TSMC's one nanofactory is planned to be located in Taoyuan Longtan Park

TSMC will start a pilot plan, and it is expected that the latest 2nm process will be settled in the Longtan Science Park under the Hsinchu Science Park.

In this regard, TSMC responded to the "Central News Agency" that there are many considerations for the choice of the location of the factory. TSMC will continue to invest in advanced manufacturing processes in Taiwan, China, without ruling out any possibility, and will continue to evaluate the suitable land for semiconductor construction in Taiwan. Everything is based on the company's official external announcement.

The Hsinchu Science Park Administration also stated that the Longtan Science Park currently has a total development area of ​​107 hectares, with a leasable land area of ​​43 hectares, and the occupancy rate has reached as high as 99%. This means that if TSMC wants to expand its factory in Longtan, it may be difficult to obtain land that can be used for industry.

The Bamboo Branch Administration stated that the development of each park has different issues. If the manufacturers still have industrial development needs and policy support, the Bamboo Branch Administration will eliminate difficulties and cooperate with local governments to actively assist in the layout of industrial land and maintain Taiwan. The province's leading position in the semiconductor industry.

The semiconductor industry in Taiwan Province is complete, the ecosystem has more than 40 years of cultivation, and more than 1,000 suppliers, and TSMC's most advanced manufacturing process will also be invested locally.

TSMC previously stated that the 3nm process will be mass-produced in the fourth quarter, and will increase revenue by about a mid-single-digit percentage (about 4% to 6%) next year; the development progress of the upgraded N3E technology is faster than planned In advance, it is expected to be mass-produced in the second half of next year.

According to public information, the Longtan Park Base under Zhuke currently has about 7,000 employees and an overall annual turnover of more than NT$50 billion. The main projects are integrated circuits, optoelectronics, and biotechnology industries. TSMC, Hejing Technology, Apple Branch and other industries have entered.

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