Ubuntu Enterprise images will be optimized for Intel processors

Canonical announced the launch of a new enterprise-level Ubuntu image for the next-generation Intel IoT platform, optimized for industrial computing on the next-generation Intel SoC. The image is built for industrial environments and use cases and is available for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and 22.04 LTS versions for desktops and servers.

Together, Intel and Canonical will provide enterprise-grade hardware and software support for up to 10 years of maintenance, from security updates to the underlying operating system and critical software packages to its infrastructure components, which will allow device manufacturers to focus and refocus resources on assigned production activities.

Cindy Goldberg, vice president of the Canonical Chip Alliance said, by combining the high performance and power efficiency of Intel processors with the built-in security of Ubuntu, we are addressing enterprise IoT customers' most pressing challenges. With Ubuntu pre-installed, customers will benefit from the peace of mind of world-class long-term support.

This version of Ubuntu has been specially designed and optimized for various Intel processors, Ubuntu Desktop 20.04 LTS, Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS, and the upcoming Ubuntu Core 20 based on Linux kernel v5.15 are available for the 11th Generation Intel Core and Atom processors, enhanced for the Internet of Things.

The latest Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and Linux kernel v5.15 are also optimized for Intel's edge computing hardware portfolio.

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