UNISOC V8850 is mass-produced and commercialized

According to the official WeChat news of UNISOC (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd., a variety of module products equipped with UNISOC’s new-generation Cat.1bis chip platform V8850 have been officially mass-produced and commercialized, and have been widely used in New retail, sharing economy, financial payment, logistics and warehousing, public network intercom, Industrial Internet of Things and many other fields.

The V8850 is the industry's first safe and reliable Cat.1bis chip that integrates indoor and outdoor positioning launched by UNISOC in the field of cellular IoT. It has been intelligently upgraded on the basis of the previous generation of products, with high integration and a smaller size. , Indoor and outdoor integrated positioning, stronger Open CPU capability, lower power consumption, industrial specification wide temperature, safety and reliability, and other six highlights.

V8850 is highly integrated with BB / RF / PMIC / GNSS, and has a smaller size of 8.2x8.2mm, which can reduce the size of the module by 30% compared with the previous generation, and the minimum size can be as small as 16x18mm, which is suitable for a wider range of applications with higher equipment size requirements Scenes.

Indoor and outdoor fusion positioning with integrated GNSS and Wifi-Scan: V8850 supports GPS/BDS/Galileo/Glonas, supports single-mode/dual-mode/three-mode/four-mode working modes, and the positioning accuracy reaches 5 meters. The higher integration level enables the cellular communication module with GNSS positioning to be as small as 16x18mm, which is the smallest Cat.1 plus GNSS positioning module in the current market. At the same time, the integrated GNSS IP makes the peripheral design of the module simpler and more convenient and the overall cost can be better.

Enhance Open CPU capability: The V8850 chip platform increases user space / saves external Flash space, and adds more abundant I/O interfaces to enable more external sensors to meet more industry application scenarios for end customers.

Lower power consumption: The V8850 chip greatly reduces the overall power consumption with more advanced process technology, advanced chip-level power design, excellent core-level power management, and integrated protocol stack power optimization. Taking the locator product as an example, the V8850 has further optimized the power consumption of the previous generation PSM, enabling the locator with a 2000mAh battery capacity to upload once a day according to the location, and the working days have been increased from 443 days to 512 days. Similarly, the power consumption of DRX is 15% lower than that of the previous generation. For a shared two-wheeler with a battery capacity of 2000mAh, the TDD paging 2.56s can be increased from 83 days to 111 days according to the number of standby days.

It supports a wide temperature range and can carry a working temperature from -40°C to 85°C, meeting the industrial standard and meeting the high requirements of specific markets for industrial-wide temperature.

Support TrustZone and national secret level 1 certification / national secret algorithm SM2/3/4 security, to achieve more security and reliability. The V8850 platform introduces TrustZone technology to enhance the basic security capabilities of secure boot and secure transmission and supports system-level security for a security upgrade, secure debugging, secure isolation, secure storage, and device-trusted authentication. The V8850 platform adopts Ziguang Zhanrui's self-developed security IP, which can be applied in industry scenarios such as payment, blockchain, logistics, and industrial interconnection active identification.

The V8850 platform passed the China Telecom warehousing test at the end of August this year. At the same time, the move to the warehouse is in progress. According to a Counterpoint Research report, UNISOC's market share in the LTE Cat.1 chip market has been ranked first in the world since 2020.

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