Visionox HLEMS high-performance light extraction technology is about to be mass-produced

Visionox announced today that after only 6 months, Visionox has further improved its performance after releasing HLEMS technology at the new technology conference in 2022. Enter the mass production stage.

Using the microstructure design and the optimization of the refractive index between the film layers, the HLEMS high-performance light extraction technology changes the path of part of the light extraction, thereby improving the light extraction efficiency and achieving an average 12% reduction in power consumption.

Because the HLEMS technology changes the light extraction path, the screen equipped with this technology may have a brightness attenuation at a smaller viewing angle than the conventional screen, but Visionox has innovatively optimized the microstructure to compress the difference to only about 5%.

Visionox said that HLEMS technology has now entered the stage of mass production, and it is expected to take the lead in applying this advanced low-power technology to domestic top-brand models.

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