Vivo released OriginOS 3 system

At the 2022 Vivo developer conference held today, the OriginOS 3 system was released, featuring silk and light, lasting and smooth. It brings features such as an intelligent computing center, unfair scheduling, memory fusion + 8GB, in-situ resurrection mechanism, durability, smooth, silky, and light...etc supports an atomic design system, adopts information intuition, vivid resonance, personalized design; handy, With ease, it brings super small window multitasking, game horizontal screen small window, video pure small window, new revision sidebar, zero pressure focus mode, folder icon mode, Jovi input method Pro, 1001 conveniences and so on.

OriginOS 3 brings an intelligent computing center. Through the breakthrough of basic capabilities at the bottom layer, the optimization of resource scheduling in the middle layer, and the upgrade of visual and manipulation perception at the upper layer, we are committed to achieving unprecedented silky, light, durable, and smoothness.

OriginOS 3 supports memory fusion + 8G. The maximum effect of memory + 8G is achieved, and more application data can be easily integrated. The number of background applications kept alive with 12G memory can reach up to 34, which better realizes click-to-use, and multi-task parallel switching is more smooth.

OriginOS 3 mobile phone health, you can check the fragmentation status of storage, and the usage of computing resources, check the battery health and automatically optimize when you are idle so that the phone is lasting and smooth.

OriginOS 3 supports unfair scheduling to ensure that foreground processes have sufficient computing power, and background processes will not preempt, disturb or block foreground applications. In the scenario of multitasking and high load in the background, the foreground application is still smooth.

OriginOS 3 supports the in-situ resurrection mechanism. Record the state of the whitelisted application before it is cleaned up in the background. When you restart the application, it will still return to the page and progress when you exited the application last time, truly achieving a seamless connection.

OriginOS 3 brings visual smoothness 2.0. Drawing on the principle of film imaging and using motion blur technology, even when the mobile phone runs at a display frame rate of 60 frames, the visual experience is still silky and light and the measured screen display fluency is improved by 18.7%.

OriginOS 3 brings tactile smoothness 2.0. Appropriate damping is added to the dynamic effect, combined with the acceleration curve law of the physical world, to make the touch feel silkier and light.

OriginOS 3 human factors engineering has proposed a total of 1255 human factors experience optimizations in terms of vision, touch, hearing, and emotion. OriginOS 3 is committed to bringing unprecedented silkiness and lightness to everyone.

OriginOS 3 features silky, lightweight, long-lasting smoothness. Unfair scheduling, in-situ revival, memory fusion + 8G, 48-month anti-aging, visual smoothness 2.0, tactile smoothness 2.0, and a lot of innovations in human factors engineering together form an intelligent computing center to achieve silky, light, lasting smoothness.

OriginOS 3 brings an atomic design system. OriginOS reconstructs the design language through a powerful atomic design system, from the overall layout to the content level, it can maintain a dynamic balance of clear information and comfort. more in line with your intuition.

OriginOS 3 supports large folder icon mode. Click the application icon in the folder to directly launch the application, what you see is what you get, and you can use it with one click.

OriginOS 3 upgrades the weather component. Weather-related information and data have been incorporated into the new weather component, and the data display is more natural, just as real as feeling the weather directly through a window.

OriginOS 3 time component. The new time component, with clearer digital expression, makes the presentation more intuitive.

OriginOS 3 health component. The new health component can present health data on the desktop to meet the needs of users for real-time viewing.

OriginOS 3 supports super small window multitasking. Adapted to most applications, covering a more comprehensive startup method, in the super small window of OriginOS, you can always find a familiar and natural interaction method.

OriginOS 3 supports small horizontal screen windows for games. When the mobile phone is on a vertical screen, you can start a small horizontal screen window to play the game, hang the game, wait for the game to update, and play the game while watching the guide... The handheld feeling comes out spontaneously.

OriginOS 3 brings a brand new revamped sidebar. The sidebar adds scene recognition capabilities, and efficiently matches corresponding functions for scenes such as videos and information.

OriginOS 3 upgrades the video horizontal screen window. The presentation form of the video's horizontal screen small window has been optimized, and there is no redundant area. The immersion of the movie is the same as that of the full screen, and the movie is not played.

OriginOS 3 supports 3 applications to run on the same screen. After applying the split screen, you can also call up a small window, and 3 task windows run on the same screen, information exchange, and multi-task processing is smooth and efficient.

OriginOS 3 upgrades the zero-pressure focus mode. Provides 7 preset focus modes, with a positive feedback mechanism, reducing unnecessary psychological burdens and helping us regain our focus on life.

OriginOS 3 supports focus mode work. When the work mode is turned on at work, the mobile phone only reminds work-related application notifications, reducing the interruption of social and entertainment applications to work.

OriginOS 3 supports Focus Mode individual. After getting off work, turn on personal mode, only allow friends to call, and enjoy the dark time of the game.

OriginOS 3 supports focus mode reading. Create a reading focus mode for you who love to read. Remind yourself to read daily by turning it on regularly. It can also block unnecessary application interruptions, making reading more immersive and enjoyable.

OriginOS 3 supports Focus Mode Exercise. Wearing the Vivo WATCH 2 watch, when you start exercising, the mobile phone will simultaneously turn on the sports focus mode, block information, and feel the power and speed with your heart.

OriginOS 3 supports Focus Mode Meditation. Mindfulness hourglass and meditation wallpapers, let you focus on your heart and focus on meditation. You can also exit at any time, with zero pressure throughout the process, allowing you to feel the power of positive guidance.

OriginOS 3 supports focus mode sleep. In addition to the sleep mode can be turned on regularly, it can also enter the sleep mode by manually turning on the sleep detection function.

OriginOS 3 supports focus mode sharing WeChat status. After the focus mode is turned on, in addition to the meditation mode, the other 6 types can be shared to the WeChat status, from the device to the friends to cooperate with you, so that you can balance work and life as much as possible, and focus on the moment.

OriginOS 3 brings Jovi Input Method Pro. After the local mode is turned on, all input content is only left on the mobile phone, reducing the risk of privacy leakage, and the offline input accuracy of the Pinyin keyboard can reach the mainstream level of the industry's online input, which is safe and easy to use.

OriginOS 3 supports 1001 conveniences. Based on AI capabilities, OrginOS provides many convenient functions, such as listening to and recognizing songs, AI subtitles, and reminders for express delivery... In the future, OriginOS will be committed to realizing "1001 conveniences", providing everyone with ubiquitous convenience and surprises.

OriginOS 3 is built with ease and ease. Familiar with a clearer desktop system, super small window multitasking, zero pressure focus mode, Jovi input method Pro, plus "1001 conveniences" to create a more handy experience for you.

OriginOS 3 upgrade to support IoT platform. vivo continues to build an IoT platform, focusing on five scenarios: smart travel, smart home, smart office, sports health, and audio-visual entertainment. Currently, 90 categories and 4600+ SKUs are supported.

OriginOS 3 upgrade supports smart travel. vivo smart car continues to polish the user experience. Through a year of hard work, it has supported more models such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW, and implemented digital car keys for Tesla, Xiaopeng, Cadillac, and other models, making the travel experience more efficient and convenient.

OriginOS 3 upgrade supports humanistic care. This year, Vivo's listening and speaking, barrier-free calling, and voice recognition have been upgraded to help hearing-impaired people better communicate with the outside world. In the future, we will continue to promote the development of accessible services and achieve breakthroughs in sign language recognition.

OriginOS 3 brings Qianjing Trusted Engine. The first comprehensive computing engine for the trusted status of full-level devices cooperates with applications such as Alipay and Futu Niuniu, identifies risks in a timely manner, and gives early warnings to fully protect the safety of your funds.

OriginOS 3 claims that it has been recognized by many authoritative organizations around the world and has passed a number of strict security and privacy certifications. In the future, it will continue to use the most stringent security standards to verify itself.

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