Vivo TWS 3 headphones are on sale today

Vivo TWS 3 true wireless noise-canceling headphones are on sale today, priced at 499 yuan. Vivo TWS 3 headphones have CD-level lossless sound quality, support aptX Lossless lossless transmission, are equipped with Vivo self-developed ultra-wideband unit; support DeepLive 3D panoramic audio, support AI audio equalization; support 48dB maximum noise reduction depth, 4000Hz ultra-wideband Noise reduction, with dual transparency mode.

Other aspects: This headset has a delay as low as 55ms, a single battery life of 10 hours, and a total battery life of up to 40 hours.

The TWS 3 Pro true Hi-Fi wireless headset will go on sale on December 6, priced at 999 yuan. According to officials, this headset solves industry problems such as lossless audio transmission, ultra-low distortion decoding, and ultra-wideband sound unit. It is the industry's first full-link wireless true Hi-Fi. Standard true wireless earbuds.

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