Vivo X90 / Pro / Pro+ series officially released

At the Vivo X90 series and Hi-Fi wireless headset new product launch conference this evening, the Vivo X90 series flagship mobile phone was officially released, with prices starting at 3699 yuan.

The Vivo X90 series has four colors: Huaxia Red (Plain Leather), Original Black (Plain Leather), Extreme Black (AG Glass), and Ice Blue (AG Glass). The design is inspired by the moment when the sunrise rises from the sea and sky. Adopting the New Choker ribbon cloud-level waistline, the camera module is said to be like a red sun bursting out. It is equipped with a surgical-grade stainless steel Halo ring, which can provide all-around protection for the lens in extreme environments.

The Vivo X90 debuts the MediaTek Dimensity 9200 processor, which is the industry's first TSMC second-generation 4nm process, a new generation of 8-core flagship CPU, Dimensity's strongest flagship 11-core GPU Immortalis-G715, and the sixth-generation flagship APU with high performance and high energy efficiency AI architecture.

Vivo X90 and MediaTek jointly developed five major chip technologies:

  • MCQ multi-circulation queue: eight cores and eight channels, the reading and writing speed is greatly improved, and the CPU performance is fully exerted
  • AIxModem perception & web search AI engine: greatly increases the speed of networking and web search in different locations
  • APU deep optimization: Offline voice input method greatly optimizes power consumption and greatly improves performance
  • MAGT adaptive image quality mode debut: the measured frame rate of the king is 120 + extreme image quality, not only the frame rate is close to full frame, but also the power consumption can be reduced by 18% after running for an hour
  • Intelligent blue light reduction technology: frame-by-frame analysis, frame-by-frame adjustment, balance screen eye protection effect, and color accuracy.

Tuning: The Vivo X90 industry's first unfair scheduling mechanism and in-situ resurrection mechanism, the Dimensity 9200 has a running score of 1.28 million, and the overall power consumption is more than 25% lower than that of the Dimensity 9000.

The Vivo X90 series is equipped with the self-developed V2 imaging chip and the first self-developed FIT technology, bringing mobile phones into the era of ultra-high-speed dual-core collaboration. On the phone, the three landing functions of the 4K super-sensing "night vision device", brilliant night scene video, and dual-core Boost gaming experience have been realized.

Heat dissipation: The Vivo X90 series builds an ultra-wide-area ice sheet cooling system, which uses the largest 4313m㎡ among Vivo flagship phones, and the highest quality test of a well-known open-world game for 30 minutes, with an average frame rate of 58.7. Honor of Kings 90Hz + extreme mode, the power consumption is 17% lower than that of X80.

The Vivo X90 debuted the VCS Bionic Spectrum, equipped with a 50MP VCS IMX866 main camera, and a 108° low-distortion 12MP ultra-wide-angle lens IMX663. Flare portrait, simulating the halo effect of Zeiss movie lenses in backlit scenes.

Screen: The vivo X90 will be the world's first BOE Q9 light-emitting device. At the same time, it adopts a blue diamond arrangement with a pixel density of up to 452ppi. It also designs a triple brand-new eye protection solution of software, hardware, and chips to reduce eye fatigue and make viewing more comfortable.

The Vivo X90 is equipped with an equivalent 4810mAh large battery, supports 120W dual-core flash charging, can be charged to 50% in 8 minutes to 50% in ultra-fast mode, and comes standard with a 120W mini charger, which can also charge computers.

The Vivo X90 is also equipped with the OriginOS 3 system for the first time , equipped with a mini window, a global window, a pure video window, and a split screen plus a front window that can be used for one screen and three uses. Jovi Input Method Pro, there is also a smart sidebar that can recommend AI capabilities according to the scene, and the industry's first screen reading 3.0 that can read information continuously.

The Vivo X90 will be available for pre-sale tonight, and it will be officially launched on November 30. The price is:

  • 8GB + 128GB: 3699 yuan
  • 8GB + 256GB: 3999 yuan
  • 12GB + 256GB: 4499 yuan
  • 12GB + 512GB: 4999 yuan

After introducing the content of the basic version, the Vivo X90 Pro+, the top model of the Vivo X90 series, is here. It uses a one-inch IMX989 sensor, and the photosensitive area has increased by 77% compared with the previous generation; it is equipped with the industry's only f / 1.75 large aperture of one inch, and the amount of light entering is one inch higher than ordinary. The inch is 24% higher; the lens is equipped with an SLR-grade glass lens with a high Abbe number of 81.6 and is equipped with Zeiss T* coating to better eliminate glare and ghosting.

The combination of Vivo's self-developed chip V2 and the Zeiss one-inch T* main camera brings a number of new features:
  • Fantastic night scene video, relying on V2 to achieve adaptive HDR
  • Handheld starry sky photography, reaching CIPA level 4 anti-shake level
  • Suspended motion capture adopts an ultra-low latency motion strategy of less than 30ms
The ultra-wide angle of the Vivo X90 Pro+ has been upgraded to a 114° low-distortion ultra-wide-angle lens, and a 64MP periscope telephoto lens is added. It is equipped with the world's first deeply customized IMX758 sensor and is equipped with Vivo's largest portrait lens aperture of f / 1.6, which can also be used as a 90mm mid-telephoto portrait camera.

Vivo X90 Pro + supports the industry's only 14bit Super Raw that can be adjusted, video LOG mode, 8K 30-frame video recording, ISO manual expansion up to 12800, real-time EV, gray card white balance calibration, 10 frames per second jpg continuous shooting, And two sets of color systems, Zeiss Natural Color and Vivo Vivid Color, also support Dolby Vision.

Screen: the Vivo X90 Pro + is the world's first "2K E6 super-sensing eye protection screen" . The screen uses Samsung's latest generation of E6 luminescent materials, and the local peak brightness can reach 1800nit. It supports XDR display and Dolby Vision display. In addition, the screen color style also adds a "Zeiss Natural Color" mode, which realizes the accurate restoration of natural colors from the front end of the shooting to the back end of the display.

The Vivo X90 Pro+ is equipped with "8900mm² Twin Ice Field Heat Dissipation", and the VC area reaches 8900mm², which ensures the real-time operation of the computational photography algorithm for a longer period of time, and the temperature of the camera is reduced by 10% in the whole scene. In addition, the Vivo X90 Pro + is equipped with a new generation of 4nm flagship platform, equipped with 80W dual-core flash charging and 50W wireless flash charging, etc. From the official website parameters, it is the configuration of Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, but it seems that this cannot be advertised.

Vivo X90 Pro + will launch " Wireless Lossless Hi-Fi " with earphones. Through Bluetooth hardware coding expansion, and with the upcoming Vivo TWS 3 earphones, it will achieve twice the bandwidth of traditional Bluetooth, which can achieve high transmission, low latency, Anti-jamming enables the transmission of audio sources in flac, ape, wav... formats.

The Vivo X90 Pro+ will start pre-sale on November 28 and go on sale on December 6. The price is:
  • 12GB + 256GB: 6499 yuan
  • 12GB + 512GB: 6999 yuan
The configuration of the Vivo X90 Pro is more similar to that of the Vivo X90. It is equipped with MediaTek Dimensity 9200, a BOE Q9 screen, and three rear cameras. So the Vivo X90 Pro has the strongest charging capacity.

The Vivo X90 Pro starts pre-sale tonight and will officially go on sale on December 6. The price is:

8GB + 256GB: 4999 yuan
12GB + 256GB: 5499 yuan
12GB + 512GB: 5999 yuan

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